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Hey people, so one day I was really bored of studying and I had an existencial crisis. This made me think about whats the whole point of life and so, I started to search if anyone else had this problem before (which is a stupid question but once again I was bored). I ended finding a great page about nihilism, which is basically the belief that all values are baseless and that nothing can be known or communicated (really optimistic I know). Finding this I started reading more about the philosophers who wrote about nihilsm (mainly Sartre and Nietzsche) and I found it really interesting.

I know there are a lot of well known philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato, Marx, Descartes, etc. but I wanted to know if you guys knew any other less known philosophers that are interesting and love to be edgy. Thanks a lot!



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TIK, i am in a serious bind here. I wanna be honest with the guy(op), but to do so i have to be mean. Aka: honest and raw

At the same time i also do not want to offend the lilly smog mods and receive unnecessary consequences. What do i do?
personally I find that the meaning that exists inside your head is not an illusion created by the brain, but the genuine article, true meaning (created by the brain of course)
To me, the mind is the connection between the brain and the soul.
Abejas my fav philosophers are Plato and Confucius. Both are amazing on their own regard but with the former focused on theology and the latter focused on the family unit and society as a whole to the point that Confuciuanism is its own religion.

I don't consider myself to be a follower but I still have incredible respect for this Chinese philosopher and have had adapted the values of it into my own life too!
A Philosophical Mantle And(!) Dismantle(!) Poem based on an old poem I wrote to form more poetry with philosophy,
(so, this is a philosophy and poetry-combined post) (This is Also An Ironic Philosophical Rap)
"that step-father, the false dad. ) and kim atwell, the falsely bad, of what she once was
just as she is
like the whitich and witch is green is and is as she is and lives in a haunted house
THE WITCH IS(!) IS GREEN and!() she lives in a haunted house(!)
? (!)
?!()P ? (?)
AITE (!)
yeah, yeah ah, yeah, the Dracula of rap, ahahahaha.
and here is the paper that witch
written and write and (right!) on your mantle
"write!" in front of you
the fact of you
written oabuot and about you by oath by your son
the son of god
never steal beer from me and god again
or my mom
for the poem on that mantle is one I wrote about you
and the one on the fridge is about all peace
and my love for Victoria
whom is a great "GF" of mine
which is a great thing of circumstance over your bed
I am not a plagiarist kim
stop torturing and annoying people

yep, yep, ..... ahahahahhahahaa


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i happened across an existentialist club gathering on a beach in oceanside california on a saturday during a full moon. they had a campfire and i cashed in on their free smores. one member strummed his guitar while the de-facto leader stood up front with his microphone and fielded questions from the meager, all-male crowd. some dude wanted to know the difference between a human mind and an advanced ai mimicking a human, which quickly devolved into some bullshit about a greater power and collective consciousness. on that note, i returned to my van and collected the lsd i offered to sell the man with the guitar before retiring for the night. i slept right there on the coast, listening to the waves crash onto shore, cooled by the breeze flowing in through my skylight. there are some questions that have no objective answer, and i was ok with that.

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